7795 Morgan Road
Liverpool, NY 13090
315-453-1268 F: 315-453-1287
Brett Woodcock, Principal

MRE Grade 1 Supply List 2020-2021

Morgan Road Elementary

1st Level School Supply List


1 small box of sharpened yellow #2 pencils  (Ticonderoga or USA Gold )

2 packs of erasers that go on top of the pencils

1 hard plastic pencil box

 1 small box of crayons (label with child’s name)

 2 packs of 6 glue sticks  

 Pocket folders: 1 plain yellow, 1 plain green, 1 blue (all with pockets and prongs)

 1 art smock (old shirt – label with child’s name)

 1 pack of thin, dry erase markers (Expo, black only)

 1 pack of thin, dry erase markers (Expo, red only)

 1 pair of headphones (over the head – please try to be selective with the headphones. Some brands break easily and need to be replaced throughout the year)

 1 bag of Ziploc bags for all 3 teachers to share (Mrs. Garland – gallon size, Mrs. Kriesel & Mrs. Murphy – sandwich size)

Optional but recommended

1 water bottle (squirt top only)

1 box of tissues