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24 Character Strengths

• Curiosity – You like exploration and discovery. You find all things fascinating.

• Kindness – You are generous to others and you are never too busy to help out. You enjoy doing good deeds for others.

• Creativity – You come up new and productive ways to think about and do things.

• Perspective – You understand that people see things in different ways.

• Bravery - You show courage even when things are difficult or scary.

• Gratitude – You are aware of and thankful for good things that happen.

• Fairness – You treat people all the same and give everyone a fair chance.

• Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence – You notice and appreciate everything around you. You don’t take things for granted.

• Self-regulation – You have the ability to control your emotions and behaviors. You think before you act.

• Perseverance/Grit – You complete what you start despite obstacles. You never give up.

• Hope/Optimism – You expect the best from the future and work to achieve it.

• Humility/Modesty – You do not seek the spotlight, you let your actions speak for themselves.

• Integrity – You speak the truth and present yourself genuinely and sincerely.

• Love – You value close relationships with others and being close to people.

• Leadership – You encourage members of your group and value each one.

• Love of Learning – You master new skills and topics on your own or in school.

• Forgiveness/Mercy – You forgive those who have done wrong and you accept other people’s shortcomings.

• Zest/Enthusiasm – You approach life with excitement and energy.

• Spirituality/Devotion – You have beliefs about a higher purpose and are devoted to goals to self improve.

• Prudence – You are careful about your choices and you don’t take undue risks.

• Social Intelligence – You are aware of the feelings of other people and why they do things.

• Humor – You like to laugh and bring smiles to other people.

• Open-Mindedness – You examine things from all sides and don’t jump to conclusions.

• Citizenship – You work well as a member of a group or team. You are loyal to the group.